Sustainability Action project (SAP) – Community Outreach efforts

The Sustainable Campus Initiative provides a platform to build and strengthen leadership capacity in the youth, to address some of the country’s environmental challenges. As ‘Agents of Change’, participating youth are expected to work towards and shape sustainable communities

All registered campuses with the Sustainable Campus Initiative are expected to take on a yearly outreach Sustainability Action Project with the community and make a difference.


The Agency would provide a manual entitled Shabab Al Estidama : from ideas to action for youth .  EAD would also conduct an annual training workshop for students on reaching out to the community on issues of sustainability.

The manual would assist the youth in the following:

-       Identify sustainability issues within their community

-       Assist them to focus on a problem for taking action- Set objectives and manage outcomes

-       Guide them on methods and approaches that could adapted for initiating a meaningful change

-       Frame a sound Project Implementation Plan ( PIPS)

-       Evaluate and review their project in terms of sustainable processes and outcomes

After registration, campuses would be given a due log in process to be able to download the manual. Should the campuses desire, they could send in their students for a workshop to be conducted by EAD (see Events update for the workshop date)

 Campuses are expected to submit a proposal for their planned outreach project to EAD. The Agency would communicate the last date for submitting the proposal through email to the registered campus. Approximate budget should also be mentioned along with the proposal. Templates for submitting project proposal, project reporting, and project assessments can be downloaded from the website 

 Upon receiving the proposal, EAD would grant a budget to the college. Details of grants would be communicated by EAD to college after the due registration process. Students undertaking the project are expected to keep a track of all invoices and bills and submit it to EAD along with project completion report.

Reporting and Evaluation:

All colleges undertaking the projects are expected to upload a detailed report on the outcome of their project in the reporting section of this website.

EAD will evaluate each of the campus outreach efforts on the basis of both process and outcome of the undertaken project. It is important while undertaking this Sustainability Action project, campuses also follow a sustainable code of practice while administering the proposed project.

Annually EAD will recognize, the campus that has done the best outreach efforts to the community .

Previous Event

The Sustainable Campus Ceremony 2017
  • Date: November 1, 2017
  • Location: Sheikh Khalifa Energy Complex
  • Venue: Borouge Auditorium (Borouge Tower)

"The Sustainable Campus Initiative would help empower our youth to become leaders in sustainability"

Fozeya Al Mahmoud- Director, Environmetnal Outreach Division, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi



"With their energy, enthusiasm and positive outlook, youth could be the major game changers in working towards and achieving sustainability"

Ahmad Baharoon- Executive Director, Environment Information, Science and Outreach, Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi

"We believe that youth engaged with sustainability concerns could be great enablers in helping secure the wellbeing of our environment, and in providing a safe future for our country."

Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak – Secretary General – Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi

"The true wealth of a nation lies in its youth…one that is equipped with education and knowledge and which provides the means for building the nation and strengthening its principles to achieve progress on all levels."

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan - Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

"A country's greatest investment lies in building generations of educated and knowledgeable youth."

Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

"Despite the educational achievements, the educational process is an ever-growing challenge in need of meticulous planning and rigorous efforts of program development in order to keep up with modern technology and the fast-paced technological advancement."

H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan - The President of UAE

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